Between our smartphones, tablets, and TV’s, we spend a lot of time viewing screen based content, and its only increasing. That’s where digital lenses come in. But what does “digital lenses” mean exactly? It can be confusing so let’s clear it up.

The skinny with digital eyeglass lenses

Digital glasses lenses are cut precisely based on your glasses frame and therefore provide you a better viewing experience than traditionally cut lenses that don’t take into account the frame until after the lens is made. To explain that further—using digital technology, the best glasses makers perfectly craft your lenses by algorithmically combining your prescription, lenses and frame.

Digital lenses (sometimes called HD lenses) can be a wonderful option for single vision lenses (near or far sighted), but they bring even more benefits to progressive lens users. Special optimization of the near zone takes into account typical eye movements required to view digital devices, which reduces distortion, eye strain, and fatigue.

Do online glasses retailers offer digital lenses?

Yes, online sellers that also manufacture their own lenses are really the best place to buy digital lenses crafted just for you and your desired frames. Online manufacturers have the latest cutting-edge production methods and machines which allow very thin and light bespoke prescription lenses to be made just for you.

Do digital lenses offer protection from UV light?

Its important to protect your eyes against the cumulative effects of UV radiation from the sun. Most digital lenses provide 100% UV protection, but its important to check with the manufacturer.

Lens materials such as polycarbonate and high-index plastics provide full (100%) UV protection built-in (digital or not).

Photochromic lenses also block 100% of the sun’s UV rays in both clear and dark states.

We hope this clears up any confusion regarding what digital glasses lenses are. Please leave a comment or question if you’d like some follow up.


When you are searching the seller/manufacturer website, make sure to select the type of lenses you need first, and that will filter your options for frames.

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