There are so many glasses frame styles available that its easy to become a little overwhelmed. Picking out your new frames should be a fun experience, so use the alphabetized guide below to help identify specific glasses frame styles that will help you look great and exude confidence!

Aviator: Of course, pilots have traditionally worn this namesake frame. They usually are metal frames with teardrop shape lenses, but some are also a bit more square. As I mentioned in another post, Harry Bosch wears these on the very popular Amazon Originals show Bosch. They simply look cool.

Butterfly: This style consists of frames that spread out like butterfly wings.

Cat-Eye: This feline inspired style first became popular in the 1950’s, typically showcasing an upswept cat-eye shaped silhouette that are occasionally accented with playful patterns and ornamentation. Good retro look. Yep, these are still in style!

Clubmaster Classics: This timeless style was originally created by the brand Ray-Ban, and showcases a large plastic brow bar with metal-rimmed bottom frames. A great choice for a vintage intellectual look.

Flat-Top: This style incorporates a totally flat brow bar. We think they are super-fashionable and chic!

Over-Prescription Sunglasses: These frames are designed to be worn over existing prescription glasses, and are available in numerous styles and colors.

Pillowed Rectangle: This style showcases a rectangular frame shape that is a bit swollen and curved around the frame edges.

Reading Glasses: As the name implies, these help people read. They feature magnifying lenses so people can see things close to them. These can generally be purchased without a prescription at drug stores and other retail shops. Don’t use these as an alternate to getting an eye exam and a proper prescription—your vision and health are too important.

Rectangle: This style boasts a classic rectangular frame shape. These are ideal for people with round or oval faces.

Rimless: This is a style of eyeglasses where the lenses are attached directly to the bridge and/or temples, giving a frameless look. Lenses mounted this way tend to more easily sustain damage since there is no protection from a frame. They are also considered a more conservative, less stylish choice. I bet you can find better glasses frame styles for you than these.

Rounds: This retro frame consists of perfectly round silhouettes. If you want to make a statement, rounds are a good choice.

Semi-Rimless: This style features a traditional frame on the top half of the lenses, while the bottom half appears to have no frame. Not to be confused with clubmaster inspired classics.

Shields: These sunglass frames were originally designed to fit over normal prescription glasses. Today, they are used to make a fashion statement! They feature lenses that appear as one piece spanning across the bridge.

Squares: Square shaped silhouette with rounded or angular corners.

Wayfarer: This style was originally created by Ray-Ban, and features a stocky square silhouette and thick temples. Think Crockett from the original Miami Vice.

Wraparounds: These frames (usually sunglasses) curve around the head which provides extra protection from sunlight. Lots of athletes wear these since they also minimize distractions from frames and also help reduce problematic reflections.

I hope you’ve found the perfect glasses frame styles! Don’t forget that you can virtually try on any pair of glasses at a reputable online glasses shop by uploading a picture of yourself. Also remember to have fun when choosing the best glasses for you!