Wearing sunglasses at night or indoors is not necessarily the safest thing to do, but the practice has been done for years for various reasons. Some put on the shades at night to intimidate, propagate a sense of mystery, or simply to feel cool. Others do it as an attempt to disguise their identity or even conceal a hangover. Some even don the dark glasses to avoid awkward prolonged eye contact in dance clubs, or to conceal that they are staring at an attractive person.

Famous people do it all the time including Michael Jackson (RIP), Karl Lagerfeld, Future, and Rihanna among many others. Jack Nicholson has done since the 1976 Oscars, where Fred Astaire quickly put on sunglasses after not winning the Oscar. I love it—Fred convincing Jack on how to be cool.

Jack Nicholson has done it ever since he sat next to Fred Astaire at the 1976 Oscars (who, after not winning the Oscar, immediately put on sunglasses).

Hollywood is also to blame, as they have made sunglasses the must have wardrobe accessory—and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are some of our favorite sunglasses at night moments:

The Blues Brothers:

The Dude:

Morpheus in the Matrix:

And we can’t forget Corey Hart:

And the Terminator with a Corey Hart background:

Will Ferrell is a funny guy (funny how? Oh wait that’s a different film):

Bootsy Collins on SNL (with David Sanborn on Sax):

Please share your favorite sunglasses at night examples in the comments below. I know all of these film examples are of men wearing sunglasses at night, so please send me some with women and I’ll update the post!