Important Considerations

When buying glasses anywhere, your frames and lenses should provide optimum and relaxed vision, as well as a stylish appearance. How can you make sure of that? And should you consider buying glasses online?

Selecting a new set of glasses can be a daunting task, and giving your choice a lot of thought can help ensure they will be perfect for you.

Most importantly, a great optometrist is needed to not only give you the correct prescription, but also to help prevent and diagnose any eye problems. Once you’ve got this taken care of and have a prescription in hand, start shopping for glasses using some of the tips below.

Understand why you are buying glasses

  • Has your eyesight changed?
  • Simply need reading glasses?
  • Need them for sports or driving?
  • Going to be in the sun and need prescription sunglasses?
  • Perhaps your old spectacles are simply worn out?
  • Need a new look?
  • What did and didn’t you like about your old glasses?
  • Should you consider buying glasses online?

Ask yourself: What do I need these glasses for mostly? Someone who works with a computer all day indoors may need different glasses than someone who works outside or plays sports a lot. There are many different features of glasses and lenses that you may need or want depending on the predominant use environment you’ll be in. So having answers to these questions will allow you to highly customize your glasses and achieve optimal results for quality of vision, fashion, and comfort for your daily use.

Choosing your lenses and frames and buying glasses online

Not all frames will allow all types of lenses so make sure you know what lenses you need first. The best online glasses retailers have filters you can select based on your needs. Need progressive lenses? Click on the filter to show only progressive compatible frames.

At the very least, select lenses that have a high quality anti-reflective coating. Reflections caused by your lenses can be very distracting, especially when outside in the sunshine or driving at night.

Should I buy self tinting lenses?

We love photochromic lenses, but choose wisely. The lenses should react quickly to changing light conditions and they should provide 100% protection against damaging UVA and UVB radiation.

Which frames will fit my face?

Generally, people with more angular facial features look better in round frames, and people with rounder features will look better with angular frames. To help you, the best glasses websites have the ability to upload a selfie so you can virtually try on any pair of glasses they have! Use the camera in your phone or computer and use light coming from the front, with a tight crop to your head, and a symmetrical composition (ie seeing both ears equally). This can be very helpful in making your decision. Further tip: Download or take screen shots of the various frames you try on. Send them to someone who know you well to help you pick the perfect frames!

Receiving your glasses

Make sure your new glasses fit comfortably on your face. Depending on the type of frames, certain parts of your frames are designed to be adjustable. For example, if your plastic frames are slipping down, try bending the earpiece so it hooks more around your ear. This can be done by placing the earpiece in some hot water (not boiling) for about 20 seconds, then immediately bending to the desired position, and holding there for about a minute while cooling down. There are many more tips for adjusting your glasses on this site, so please search for more tips. Now you need some tips for maintaining your glasses, so read this post.

Good luck with your new glasses!