1. Cleaning and glasses maintenance

For the best glasses maintenance, avoid using glass cleaner that contains ammonia or alcohol because these can damage the lens coatings. Rather, The American Optometric Association suggests you clean your lenses with a solution of diluted dish soap by gently rubbing with your fingers (as long as your fingers are relatively soft). Then, dry the lenses with a clean cloth or microfiber cloth designed for eyeglasses—sometimes included with your new glasses. Never use paper towels or ordinary tissue paper as these may cause scratching. And never wipe your glasses when they are dry.  Alternately, there are good alcohol free glass cleaners available for purchase.

When you’re at the beach, use bottled water to rinse off your glasses. Don’t wipe them clean with a towel that may be contaminated with sand. Similarly, don’t rinse them in lake or ocean water that may contain sediment that will scratch your lenses.

2. Always use both hands when removing or putting on your glasses

Using both hands will help you avoid poking your eye when putting on your glasses. When pulling them off, use two hands to avoid loosening screws, or changing the alignment of the earpiece or arm.

3. Do not keep glasses in extremely hot conditions

Leaving your glasses inside your car on a hot day or other hot places can ruin your glasses. Most frames are injection molded (liquid plastic poured into a mold and then allowed to cure), and excessively hot temperatures can make your glasses soft and deformed.

4. Don’t wear your glasses on top of your head

We all want to be cool, but doing this will risk stretching the arms and earpieces. Further, natural oils or hair products can adversely affect your lenses.

5. Stop the slipping

Most plastic frame earpieces can be bent by soaking in hot water (one at a time) for about 30 seconds, then immediately bending into the desired position. Hold that for 30 seconds and you will have a modified angle to your earpiece. Alternately, an optician can make a modification using wire tubing.

6. Don’t put your glasses lens-side down

When storing your glasses in a case, or placing your glasses on a surface, please don’t put the lenses down. The could get scratched—and nobody wants that.