Sometimes all we need to do is look to the past to find a little inspiration. At Glasses Tips, we obviously love compelling and emotive photography, and these vintage sunglasses pictures are nothing short of that—we want those frames!

Dorothy Dandridge was literally the best, and here she is about to kick butt in court with some nearly Cat-Eye frames:

Dorothy Dandridge in Sunglasses vintage portraits

This winter explorer has on some really cool black frames with mirrored lenses. His fur trimmed and thick coat also means he’s really prepared to be in that weather:

vintage portraits sunglasses

These classic aviator sunglasses will always be in style, and this guy is a real pilot since you can see the wing support in the upper right of the photo (probably from a Cessna 172 with snow landing gear). You ever watch Bosch on Amazon? Then you know what I’m talking about because he wears the same glasses as this guy:

vintage portraits or pilot wearing aviator sunglasses

Lastly, there is an interesting story about the lead image with the group of people wearing sunglasses and looking up to the sky. I just love that image:

“Kennedy Space Center Deputy Director for Administration, Albert Siepert, seated at left on third row, points out highlights of Apollo 10 liftoff to Belgium’s King Baudouin and Queen Fabiola. Next to the queen is Mrs. Siepert. Former Vice President Hubert Humphrey, in baseball cap at right, talks with Mr. And Mrs. Emil Mosbacher, seated next to him. Mr. Mosbacher is the Chief of U.S. Protocol. The Apollo 10 astronauts were launched by an Apollo/Saturn V space vehicle at 12:49 pm EDT, May 18, 1969, from KSC launch complex 39B.”

NASA Sunglasses
Albert Siepert Points Out Highlights of Apollo 10 Liftoff to Belgium King and Queen

Source: NASA